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December 11 Holiday Dinner

The guild’s holiday dinner will begin at 6 p.m., on Thursday, December 11, in the Tuscany Room of Papa Joe’s Restaurant in the valley – 1561 Akron-Peninsula Road (at the intersection with Portage Trail Extension.)

We’ll do a voluntary handmade gift exchange. If you’d like to participate, wrap up your gift and bring it along.

What Sweet Treats!

Members unveiled their sweet treats M & M challenge quilts at our November meeting. What an amazing array of approaches, from animals to abstracts.

To recap, each participant was given a sealed bag with an instruction sheet and a bag of one of the many types of M & Ms. Quilters could use only the colors that appeared on the candy package and had to use at least five of them. There were no restrictions on technique or size of finished quilt.

RB's_sweet_treats_challengeL's sweet_treats_challenge

SF's_sweet_treats_challengeDS's_sweet_treats_challengeKM's_sweet_treats_challengeJC2's_sweet_treats_challengeJC's_sweet_treats_challengeDC's_sweet_treats_challengeDD's_sweet_treats_challengeKH's_sweet_treats_challenge_frontBY's_sweet_treats_challengeDandy CandyNR's_sweet_treats_challenge