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Show and Tell

Let’s get caught up with show and tell from our November 2013 and January 14, 2014 meetings.

Sues_quilt_1-14Possible workshop Doreen  strip pieced hexagons 2show n tell Nov 2013   Julie Fishershow n tell Nov 2013 Debbie Shives 1show n tell Nov 2013 visitor Joanna Katelshow n tell Nov 2013 Sue Fiscusshow n tell Nov 2013 Sue Fiscus bordershow n tell Nov 2013 Doreen Kuster Treeshow n tell Nov 2013 Debbie Shivesshow n tell Nov 2013 Kathy HummelWPM

At our October 2013 meeting members showed off an eclectric range of finished quilts.

One Woman's Trash Is Janny's Quilt

One Woman’s Trash Is Janny’s Quilt

Janny's Improv

Janny’s Improv

Kathy H's Quilt Is Done

Kathy H’s Quilt Is Done

For ASpecial Baby

For A Special Baby

Joanna's Slivers

Joanna’s Slivers

Judy's Favorite Colors?

Judy’s Favorite Colors?

Silent Auction mini quilt


Backy’s mini quilt


Kathy K’s mini quilt


Another Jackie V mini


Another Jackie V quilt


Jackie V's mini quilt

Jackie V’s mini quilt


Kelley's mini quilt

Kelley’s mini quilt