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Vintage Sewing Machine Raffle

Cascade was thrilled to offer two vintage Singer sewing machines in its 2013 raffle.

Our first raffle machine was a Featherweight 221 in excellent condition and recently serviced, complete with carrying case, foot pedal, 4 bobbins, and 7 feet.  Based on its serial number (AH210589) it was part of the 8/19/47 production run at Singer’s Elizabethport factory.

The Singer Featherweight portable sewing machines were manufactured between 1933 and 1964. The machine weighs about 11 pounds and has been found to be an ideal machine for quilters and other sewers to take to classes or “on location.” Very quiet and sturdily made with all-metal parts (mostly aluminum), the Featherweight sews only straight stitches but it sews them very well. Even the oldest machines, if they’ve been cared for, still sew wonderfully.

Our second raffle offering was a Singer 301, the successor to the Featherweight. Unlike the Featherweight, the 301 is a FULL SIZED machine. This gives you more room for sewing bulkier items and more piercing power. The 301 weighs a good 5 pounds more than the Featherweight, but it has a built in handle on the top which makes moving or carrying it much easier. The handle folds down when not in use. The 301 is a very high quality, sturdy, domestic sewing machine suitable for piecing, quilting, garment construction, and a variety of sewing tasks.  Quilters like it for its power, precision and free-motion capabilities, as its feed dogs can be dropped.

The raffle 301 machine has a new bobbin case and separate zigzag and buttonhole attachments, plus the original manual and a carrying case.  As you can see from the photo below, it sews fine.

301 Sewing Machine301 Sewing Machine Working Example301 Sewing Machine Attachments301 Sewing Machine Attachments Close up